International Businesses

  1. Your History at a Glance
    98 Gilmour Road
    Guelph, ON
    Postal Code: N1H 6H9
    Country: Canada
    Contact: Fred Brigham
    Title: Partner
    Phone: 519-763-2726
    Fax: 519-837-8236
    Posted September 18, 1998

  2. Coramar Stewart Akmal Co.
    166 Clinton Place
    Newark, NJ 07112
    Contact: Barry Mcgee
    Title: President
    Phone: 973-371-6857
    Fax: 973-371-0064
    Posted February 19, 1998- Revised July 14, 2000

  3. Benjamin H. Rogers
    5113 Oxford Ave.
    Edina, MN 55436
    Contact: Benjamin H. Rogers
    Phone:(612)926-2834 after 8pm CST


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    Posted May 9, 1997:rev.1- June 24, 1997

  4. P.O. Box 42792
    Philadelphia, PA. 19101
    Phone: (215)998-3063
    Contact:Ronald F. Smith, P.E., President


    Appropriate Technology, Inc.(ATI) is an engineering and management consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of appropriate solutions to technological and business problems. The Manufacturing Division focuses on the design of flexible unit operations producing goods (and jobs) close to the marketplace. The Consulting Services Division provides a wide range of services to assist in planned, as well as existing operations. From the management of change... to the systems and technology of change... we can help you optimize your bottom line, and increase your viability in the Market Place.

    Revised June 9, 1998

    P.O. Box 42792
    Philadelphia, PA. 19101
    Attention: Ronald F. Smith, P.E

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